Here are some great shots we dug out of the archives.    Enjoy!

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Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimmy Vaughan playing a double-neck Robin "family style."

 Billy Gibbons checking out his Robin custom order.
c. 1996

Jimmie Vaughan on the low down with his Ranger Baritone
c. 1988

The Robin RV-2, with tone so sweet.
Eric Johnson c. 1982


Smiles and Rangers Galore with Jody Maphis & Marty Stuart
C. 1984

Gary Allen & Jody Maphis secure the Alamo with  Rawhide and Ranger  Customs
C.  2000
Tommy Tedesco takes it up an octave- a Robin Octave
Tim Kelly and a smile sparkin' Tedley
C. 1993
J. Yuenger and Big Blue on a bad hair, great tone day
C. 1994
Jon Butcher digs in on his Medley
C. 1988

A pre Cowboy Mouth John Thomas Griffith in full Red Rockers mode with Dave Wintz and a Ranger Custom
C. 1984

Charlie Burchill from the Simple Minds and a Robin Octave
C. 1986
Brad Houser of the New Bohemians giving his Ranger Bass the thumbs up
C. 1989

Steve Sechler of the John Conlee Band makes sure the TV cameras get a great shot of his Ranger Custom
C. 1989

Noel Roy from Lorrie Morgan's band workin' his Rawhide Custom with the Robinite top
C. 1991
Jerry McPherson before his Grammy performance with Amy Grant
C. 1985
Rio Grande Pickups